Jury decides that Samsung owes Apple $119.6 million in patent damages

By Nicole Daniel

On 2 May, 2014 a jury in San Jose, California decided (amended verdict on 5 May 2014) that Samsung has to pay Apple approximately $ 119.6 million in patent damages.

Apple had sued Samsung for patent infringement and claimed $2.2 billion for ten Samsung devices which allegedly infringing five of Apple’s patents. Samsung counter-sued for $6.2 million and targeted five devices by Apple. Accordingly the jury merely awarded Apple 5.4% of its original claim. Furthermore the jury awarded Samsung damages of approximately $158 thousand, i.e. 2.5% of the original claim, for one patent which it was held that Apple had infringed.

This case deals with five patents by Apple and two patents by Samsung: All accused Samsung devices infringed Apple’s 647 “quick links” patent; also Apple’s 172 “autocomplete” patent was infringed. Regarding Apple’s 721 “slide-to-unlock image” patent some Samsung devices were found to infringe the patent while others were cleared. All Samsung devices were cleared regarding Apple’s 959 “unified search” patent and no infringement was found regarding Apple’s 414 “background synchronization” patent. Furthermore Apple was held to have infringed Samsung’s 449 patent, a non-SEP, but not Samsung’s 239 patent.

This is the second major trial between these two companies in the US. Apple was awarded nearly $1 billion in 2012 in the first major trial between them which was about Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets which Apple alleged looked similar to its iPhone and iPad.