Swiss Competition Authority closes investigation against V-Zug and Electrolux

On 11 July 2011 the Swiss Competition Commission (“COMCO”) issued its decision (only in German, but the COMCO press release is available in Italian and French) concerning Electrolux’s and V-Zug’s restrictions of online home appliance sales.

Electrolux imposed a total ban on online sales while V-Zug strictly limited online sales. COMCO held that both restrictions of online sales violated competition law, because, in principle, online sales may be restricted only in exceptional circumstances (See Newsletter 5/2010 p. 8 for background information).  But even legitimate online restrictions cannot prevent parallel import from other countries or impose retail prices.

Electrolux and V-Zug agreed to modify their distribution practices during the investigation to adhere to COMCO’s prescriptions. [Gabriele Accardo]