Competition Director General’s speech on Digital Convergence and Competition rules

On 15 September 2010, Alexander Italianer, DG Comp’s Director General, gave a speech at the 6th International Competition Forum in Korea, addressing the topic on safeguarding and promoting competition in the age of digital convergence.

Mr. Italianer noted that digital convergence in high-technology industries means that value is shifting away from single-product performance towards products capable to support a variety of digital content such as software applications, music, movies, games, and in the ability of such products to share content with as many other devices as possible.

According to Mr. Italianer, digital convergence offers considerable opportunities for consumers and businesses. Yet, it also brings new challenges for competition agencies, notably in understanding the complexities of the digital landscape, safeguarding the level playing field and the access to markets (notably “Cloud Computing”), platforms and data that are useful in developing new and innovative digital products and services. [Gabriele Accardo]