European Commission publishes web browser commitments proposed by Microsoft

On 7 October 2009 the European Commission announced that it will invite comments on commitments proposed by Microsoft to remedy the Commission’s concerns about Microsoft tying the Internet Explorer web browser to the Windows operating system (see Newsletter 1/2009, p. 5 for the Commission’s preliminary concerns and background). A noticesummarizing the Commission’s concerns and the commitments offered by Microsoft, and inviting comments from interested parties, was subsequently published in the Official Journal.

The commitments are an updated version of ones offered in July (see Newsletter 4/2009, p. 11). The Commission’s preliminary view is that these improved commitments, by ensuring genuine, informed consumer choice as to which web browser(s) to use, would address the Commission’s preliminary concerns. Following the consideration of the comments received, the Commission may decide to make the commitments legally binding. [Juha Vesala]