Antitrust class actions against Qualcomm dismissed in the U.S.

On 3 March 2009 the S.D. Cal. District Court granted Qualcomm’s motions to dismiss federal antitrust claims in three class action suits brought by purchasers of cell phones and services against Qualcomm.

The Court found the plaintiffs lacked antitrust standing due to the remoteness of the consumers’ alleged injuries and Qualcomm’s allegedly anti-competitive patent licensing and standards-development practices.

The Court also dismissed related California state law causes of action, including antitrust and unfair competition law claims.

Case information (not available online):

Meyer v. Qualcomm, 3 March 2009, Case No. 08cv655 WQH

Lorenzo v. Qualcomm, 3 March 2009, Case No. 08cv2124 WQH

Valikhani v. Qualcomm, 3 March 2009, Case No. 08cv786 WQH