Transatlantic Antitrust and IPR Developments, Issue No. 1/2014 (March 6, 2014)


Editor-in-chief: Juha Vesala (TTLF Fellow)

Contributors: Béatrice Martinet Farano (TTLF Fellow), Borja Varela, Gabriele Accardo (TTLF Fellow), Irene Calboli (TTLF Fellow), Nicole Daniel (TTLF Fellow)



United States

U.S. District Judge in Texas dismisses class action lawsuit against conspiracy by online travel agencies and hotels to fix the price of hotel rooms

U.S. District Court holds that Actavis requires monetary payments for antitrust scrutiny to be applicable

U.S. DOJ closes its investigation of Samsung’s use of its SEPs

New York Attorney General reaches agreement with “Patent Trolls” to bar deceptive practices

European Union

Improved Google commitments (closer to) getting the thumbs up from the European Commission

Italy’s Council of State reinstates the fine imposed on Pfizer for delaying a generic’s market entry

UK Office of Fair Trading closes investigation into hotel online booking practices

Intellectual property

United States

U.S. Court of Appeals upholds finding of no dilution of Starbucks’s trademark (Starbucks Corp. v. Wolfe’s Borough Coffee, Inc., 736 F.3d 198 (2d Cir. 2013))

Industry joint defense efforts against NPEs

European Union

ECJ states that linking to freely available content is not copyright infringement

New EU Regulation offers better protection to IPR holders against the importation of infringing goods into EU territory

Lush obtains a judicial victory against Amazon in keyword advertising matter

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